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thumbFor first-timers, they always find it interesting that Connecticut is far from what they first imagined it to be.

'When our school organized an outing to Elizabeth Park in Connecticut, I was totally bummed. We were excited that there was a possibility that the school would take us to Central Park, NYC...but no, it was Elizabeth Park. But to be honest, Connecticut people are AMAZING and the place really rocked!' raved Christy, a student with one of our bus rental Connecticut customers who fell head over heels in love with the place.

So, you see, Connecticut is more than meets the eye and we believe that you will see and do so much more when you use our bus rental

Connecticut parks like Elizabeth Park has a lot of history behind them. Elizabeth Park was owned by a man named Charles M. Pond. When the passed on, the park was given to city of Hartford. Mr. Pond made all necessary arrangements to ensure that there will be no developments on the land and that it is to be used as  a horticultural park. If you made use of our bus rental, Connecticut's Southford Falls State Park is another great place for resting and relaxing. There are scenic waterfalls and beautiful greenery – a gorgeous setting for picnics, walks, hikes and also some deep contemplation too.

Unbeknownst to some, Connecticut is quite the shopping haven too and you will have your fill when you use our bus rental. Connecticut malls like The Brickyard in Berlin, Danbury Fair, Enfield Square Mall, Brass Mill Center and Commons, Crystal Mall in Waterford are popular weekend haunts for the locals. During spring and summer when there are more foreign tourists, you will be joining the throngs of these tourists too. It can get crowded but the more the merrier, we say. There is no worries about parking too when you use bus rental. Connecticut is a suitable vacation spot for large and small groups alike and it is our hope that you get to see and do as much as you'd like. 

Although public transportation in Connecticut is adequate in serving its people, in most major cities, traffic is a problem and that is why large groups and organizations think that it is a better option to use bus rental. Connecticut isn't huge but being stuck in the traffic gridlock is a complete waste of time and time wastage for a large event is to be avoided; time is, of course, money. Instead of battling the rush hour traffic, rely on our bus drivers to know alternative routes to get you to where you want to go. Bus Rental Connecticut is the perfect transportation partner for that.

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